​​​​​Spring Valley Annual Clean-up Day - Saturday, June 8

Grab your neighbor and come join us Saturday June 8th from 8am-1pm at the Pavilion to help clean up and keep our community areas looking beautiful.  Come prepared with work clothing, work boots, gloves, and bring rakes and/or shovels.  We plan to refresh and paint benches (brushes and paint provided), clean the interior of the Pavilion, trash pick-up around all four bodies of water, and miscellaneous organizing of items in the shed.  
We look forward to seeing you there! 
~Spring Valley Activities Committee~  

Activities Committee - Save the Dates:

  • Bingo Night - June 21
  • SVPROC Annual Members Meeting - August 24

Road Safety Reminder:

Please remember that the posted speed limit in Spring Valley is 20 MPH, and that passing on the left should only be done when it is safe to do so.  Since many roads in Spring Valley are narrow with curves all drivers should proceed with caution to assure drivers, and pedestrians remain safe.  Please find link to the Model Traffic Code for Colorado.  Section’s 1003 and 1005 (pages 119 and 120) address the specifics of passing on the left.  Thank you, SVPORC Board of Directors

2024 Watercraft Registration: 

All watercrafts need to be registered at no cost to the owner in order to use a watercraft on the lake.  The watercraft must be removed from the area at the end of each day if you have not applied and paid for a docking slot (see above).  Watercraft left overnight will be considered abandoned, which could result in the watercraft, and any oars etc. being confiscated or the owner could receive compounding fees, and the watercraft not being released until the fees are paid.  Contact Ken Richardson at 303-532-6069 to register a boat. ​​

Local Emergency Alerts:

Peak Alerts is the emergency Notification System for the El Paso and Teller County region. Sign up to receive Alerts for Fire & Fire Evaluations, Safety Notices, Law Enforcement Alerts and Missing Persons. Choose the method that's right for you: phone call, text, app, email, web, or fax. Register for emergency alerts at PeakAlerts.org.

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Can you imagine...

... a life better than the one we have as residents in Spring Valley?  Like most of us, we moved here and call it home because the air is so clean, the streets are so quiet, the lake is so very blue, the trees are spectacular, and of course, the Peak views are breathtaking!  We always think of it as "The Peak," like there was no other.  Don't you?