​​​​​​Upcoming Event:

5th Annual Spring Valley BBQ Smoke Off and Derby Fundraiser

The BBQ Smoke Off and Derby Fundraiser is sneaking up on us!  Saturday June 15th!

First off I need to know who is interested in competing in the BBQ Smoke Off.  Years past the competitors smoked 2 items (ie pork butt and ribs) and a third item of their choice.  Spring Valley will pay for the "2 items", the third is smoker's choice and responsibility, this year we will smoking beef brisket and pork ribs, third item is up to you.... Let me know if you are interested in participating in the smoke off competition.  If smoking 3 items is too much we are entertaining the idea of doing an "Open Class" to encourage more competitors.  Don't be scared off, let me know if you wanna participate.

Secondly the Derby Fundraiser, 3 years ago  we introduced a Silent Auction and it was a huge success!  If you have something you wish to donate to the Silent Auction please let me know.

Thirdly, below is the much anticipated 2019 Spring Valley Smoke Off tee shirt.  An account with Custom Ink allowing folks interested in purchasing a tee is set up for your to log on and order the size and style (short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie) you desire. And here it is the much anticipated 2019 Spring Valley BBQ Smoke Off shirt!
Let the ordering begin!

19 smoke off Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!

OK last but not least volunteers are needed, I already have a few recruits, in the next week or so I will send out another email with a detailed list of volunteers needed for specific tasks (so I can stay focused on my smokers!).  We can't pull off an event like this without volunteers, volunteers are our greatest asset.

Roni Gordon, SV Activities Committee Chairman
719-687-6906 home, evenings
720-635-6507 cell, daytime


Past Events:

​2019 Spring Valley Clean Up Day (Saturday, May 18th)

The 2019 Spring Valley Clean Up Day was a wonderful success.  We greatly appreciate all of the volunteers that showed up prepared to work hard.  The dam for potty pond and the big dam were gopher treated and reseeded.  All of the picnic tables and benches at the Pavilion were repainted (between rain and grapple).  The shed and port o let shelter look brand new thanks to the fresh coat of paint.  Thanks to our donut runner and lunch cooks and servers, the volunteers were well fed and taken care of. Leaps and bounds were made in boat registration too.  We had a couple of folks show up early to help out as they had another commitment to get to but really wanted to help out the neighborhood, we appreciate you fitting us in.  Spring Valley depends on it's wonderful volunteers!


2018 Fall Get-together (Saturday, September 15th)

The Spring Valley end of Summer Get to Together was so much fun to catch up with everyone.

People broke out the poodle skirts, wild hair and leather jackets because "Happy Days" was here again. 
We had a 50's Diner Party Diner themed food that was incredible!  And the pies, and board games that followed were great fun.

2018 Terry Harris Memorial Children's Fishing Derby (Saturday, July 14th)

The Terry Harris Memorial Children’s Fishing Derby held July 14, 2018, was a huge success.  We had record attendance-128 kids registered!   The weather cooperated and we were spared the typical July thunderstorms and rain showers. 

The Kids Fishing Derby is the highlight of the summer for Spring Valley residents and their families and friends.  An event like this does not happen without generous donors.  Let’s rewind back to the Spring Valley BBQ Smoke Off and Derby Fundraiser held June 16, 2018.  At the Smoke Off a Silent Auction was held and $875 was raised.  All of the items for the Silent Auction were donated by Spring Valley residents, many of which are very talented artisans.  The weeks preceding the Derby the financial donations poured in, these donations help keep the registration fee for the Derby and the meal tickets at a nominal fee.  We are also able to afford luxuries like extra Port-o-lets for the Derby.  Many generous donations were received for the raffle prizes as well, donations for the raffle are greatly appreciated and helped raise $920 in raffle ticket sales. The donations and financial assistance keep the Derby a self-sustaining event and allow it to be an annual occurrence. 

The back bone of the Derby and the Smoke Off are the volunteers.  The hardworking volunteers contributed innumerable hours of their time and equipment to make these events take place and go off without a hitch.  Many shared their talents and expertise, along with their tables, canopies, chairs, etc.  Whether it is the set up teams, lunch crew (that fed approximately 230 people in an hour at the Derby), the money takers at the Smoke Off and Derby registration workers, raffle table managers, ice and donut go getters, Silent Auction proctor, Derby announcer, Fish Weigh station laborers, Derby rule posse (to ensure everyone has a good time) and last but not least the clean-up squads, the volunteers prove once again “many hands make light the work”.  The outpouring of volunteers is heartwarming and puts a big goofy smile on ones face.

Thank-you donors and volunteers!

Now back to the 128 kids and the fishing.  There were 72 boys and 56 girls registered.  The boys caught 54 fish and the girls caught 28.  Three golden trout were caught, all by girls.  Of the big fish that were put in for the derby 3 that were greater than 20 inches were caught, 2 of those were more than 4 pounds.  The Derby winners had their fish preserved by Wild West Taxidermy.  Kiddos registered for the derby received a one of a kind 2018 Spring Valley Kids Fishing Derby water bottle. 

A good time was had by all.  Let the countdown begin to the 2019 Derby!


2018 Spring Valley Smoke Off and Derby Fundraiser (June 16th, 2018)...

Despite the Teller County Stage 2 Fire/Burn ban the event prevailed.  After 2 weeks of negations with the Sheriff’s department our request for an exemption was denied.  We were informed we could have smokers in a permanent structure.  The four competitors fired their smokers in the Pavilion.  That structure will have the best smell EVER! thanks to this restriction. 

Head count and ballot bags sold reflect 90+ people enjoyed some mighty fine food.
The Silent Auction $875 raised.
In total $1366 was raised for the Kids Fishing Derby!

2018 Smoke Off Winners

1 Jeff
2 Vanessa
3 Roni

Pork Butt
1 Roni
2 Vanessa
3 John

Smokers Choice
1 Jeff
2 John
3 Roni

Jeff (cuz he won the most 1st place medals)
Roni won more medals than anyone, placing in every category 


Spring Clean Up and Fish Stocking (May 5th, 2018)...

While turnout this year was a bit lean, those that came to help out sure made a big difference.  We installed new signs for the lakes and common areas and performed general cleanup around the pavilion.  An area had been identified  on the trail between the Pavilion and the dam that needed more "material" and the area is soggy and muddy.  We purchased 8 tons of gravel that was hauled from the parking lot via wheel barrow and ATV Trailers.  We spread and compacted the areas and it appears to have stabilized them.  Lunch was provided to the hard working volunteers that make this all happen.

As always, Volunteers are what we depend on and those that helped, it is sure appriciated.


​Fall Get Together (Sept. 16th, 2017)...

Great turnout, food was awesome.  Thanks all for your involvement.  


2017 Terry Harris Memorial Children's Fishing Derby (Saturday, July 8th)

Everything went great at the event.  92 kids registered!  The fire and flooding has subsided and we are starting to see more and more show for the event.  4 Golden Troute were caught, all by girls, what is going on with that guys?  We didn't have any big lunkers, but it seemed like everyone had a great time.

Thanks to all of those that helped out with the event!  We can't do it without you and it is much appriciated.


​2017 BBQ Smoke Off and Derby Fundraiser (Saturday, June 17th)

We had 6 entries in the Smoke Off competition with some amazing food.  Between the $5 per plate to eat and vote and the silent auction, we raised close to $900.00 for the Kids Fishing Derby!  Congratulations to all the competitors and to Mr. Perry for taking home the trophy with his Texas style smoked meats.


2017 Spring Clean-up Day (Saturday, May 6th)

We had a lot of great help for clean-up day!  Worked on the trail, volleyball court, 

2016 Trunk or Treat (Saturday, October 15th)

Come dressed up and your trunk or pickup bed decorated and don't forget candy for the kids. Kids are welcome to the goodies from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, so if you need time to set up, you can always get there a little early.  


2016 Terry Harris Memorial Children's Fishing Derby (Saturday, July 9th)
The annual Terry Harris Memorial Children’s Fishing Derby was a great success. Hooks hit the water at 9am....   A Barbeque Smoke Off and Derby Fund Raiser was held in June. At that event, besides the great food, there was a silent auction which raised $1,000 for the Derby.  In addition, monitory donations from local residents, local businesses donating raffle prizes, Colorado Parks and Wildlife donating goodies for the kids registration bags and  Colorado Tackle Pro out of Colorado Springs donating fishing poles to the kids at registration along with many raffle prizes made the event complete.  The Kid’s Fishing Derby had Seventy-six children registered this year and 81 fish were caught. The girls caught the most fish. Seven golden trout were also caught. Each child that catches a golden trout gets $10 and a picture taken with their fish. At the Fishing Derby, $1,098 was raised. That brings the total raised for next year’s Fishing Derby to $2,098. 

Like any great event here in Spring Valley, it doesn’t happen without many wonderful volunteers.  The morning of the Derby there was a huge outpouring of volunteer help, 15-20 Spring Valley neighbors showed up early that morning to clean and prepare the Pavilion, set-up canopies at Potty Pond and set up the Registration and Raffle tables.  Many hands make light the work and that morning proved it!  The volunteers continued to help throughout the Derby by serving lunch, selling raffle tickets, cleaning up after lunch and then the break down and clean up after the Derby.  We cannot do it without all of the wonderful help, you are much appreciated.  Thanks for your part in making it a great day for the kiddos. 


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