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NOTICE to NEW PROPERTY OWNERS:  Persons considering purchasing property in Spring Valley or Shadow Lake should be familiar with our Policies.  Special attention should be given to Policy Number 310 (Membership Policy and Procedures), to be aware of membership requirements, especially if assessments and charges are past due on the property.  In addition, Policy Number 340 covers the Rental Policy.

Covenants are a valuable tool in preserving the Spring Valley lifestyle.  They inform members what is and is not permitted for the area in which they live.

There are currently eleven different covenant filings in Teller County for Spring Valley, two for Shadow Lake and five additional properties identified by Metes & Bounds .  The specific covenant that applies to your property varies based on when the “property” was implemented into the sub-division.

We have scanned copies of the Covenants and attached them below.  Unfortunately some are poor quality.  At the closing of the sale of your property, the title company is required to provide the correct version of the covenants to you.  If you are in need of a clean copy of these, you should contact your title company or Teller County.

If you have an issue regarding a covenant violation, please contact us through the US mail to SVPORC, P.O. Box 513, Divide, CO  80814.  We cannot process your complaint unless we receive it in writing.  You will receive a prompt response to your written complaint.

Spring Valley Property Owners & Recreational Corporation

a Covenanted Community