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T he State CDPHE approved a Teller County Public Health and Environment  variance that capacity requires physical distancing (6 feet) and maximum group size of a minimum of 28 square feet per person in an enclosed indoor space  (ie, the Pavilion) meaning no more that 21 people, and 250 people in any outdoor setting.  However, the variance identifies festivals, fairs and concerts are not approved as part of this variance.  The County has specifically said that our Fishing Derby would be considered a festival and will not permit the activity.  We will do our best to have a derby once we are allowed to do so.  However, please understand it will not be at the level of our usual derby as it takes so much time to plan.

 Physical distancing and group size requirements apply to all activities, including transportation, eating, and recreational activities.  SVPORC Properties are not regularly disinfected or sanitized and proper Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment should be personally supplied and utilized by the users.  While the situation is ever-changing, we are trying to stay current with information.  If anyone reserves the facilities for a private event, they will be required to sign a waiver releasing SVPORC of any liability of their activity.

Please stay tuned for information as things change often.

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... a life better than the one we have in Spring Valley?  Like most of us, we moved here because the air is so clean, the streets are so quiet, the lake is so very blue, the trees are  so spectacular, and, of course, The Peak views are breathtaking.  I always think of it as "The Peak," like there was no other. Don't you?

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