​ATV's and UTV's use - Not Allowed:

Teller County does not allow use of un-licensed vehicles on the roads.  All Roads in Spring Valley are County Roads, so it is not permitted to ride un-licensed vehicles in the neighborhood.  The same is not allowed on SVPORC Properties or vehicles used in a matter that is a nuisance to the neighborhood as explained in the Policy 321, unless approved by the Board in advance.

New Complaint Form:
If you have a complaint, please complete the following complaint form and email it to info@myspringvalley.org.  Pictures of the violation should be attached.  Any questions call 719-686-1825 or email info@myspringvalley.org.
Complaint form:

Complaint Form 11-2022 pdf.pdf

Signage Along the Roads:

SVPORC follows the Teller County Ordinance for signs in the Road Right-of-Way,Section 5.8: No sign other than Official Notices Posted by Government, Official Signs or Public Notices shall be place in County Road right-of-way at any time.  As stated in section 5.8.E.2 and 5.8.E.3, Real Estate Open House Signs are allowed as described and Construction/Access Signs are allowed if permitted through the County.

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