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Spring Valley Water Contact Information:
Valley Maintenance Corporation
P.O. Box 219
Divide, CO 80814

Here are some important web links: - This search engine provides great information as an all-inclusive resource of local government contact information.

El Paso Teller County E911 Authority - The administrative/managing arm of the Emergency 911 system for both El Paso and Teller counties in Colorado - NOT for reporting emergencies.

Teller County - County information, including where to vote, community issues, and other important facts about our county.

Fire Wise Info - Fire mitigation and safety information.

Divide Fire Department

Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Information on our States Parks and Wildlife.

Living with Wildlife

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Emergency Preparedness Plans:

Call Us  or Email at:


a Covenanted Community

Spring Valley Property Owners & Recreational Corporation

The information below is to provide preparedness for potential emergency situations.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

In the event of a Dam failure on the big lake.