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Winter fish kill

You may have heard, if you didn't see, the winter fish kill that happened on the big lake this spring as the ice came off.  Please know, that it has been identified as a "perfect storm" event and experienced by many across the front range.  The muck on the bottom combined with the extended ice and snow coverage depleted the oxygen levels to a point that the weaker fish just couldn't handle it.  The large carp, were expected to pass this year, however it is usually taking place over a longer period of time and the scavengers clean things up before it is noticeable or an issue.  The carp we stock to take care of the grass are only expected to live 9 years.  Those big carp that didn't make it were the 9ish year olds.  We did have some selective kill on the trout, but nothing to be worried about.  Professionals in the field have explained that small localized kill is common, so it is likely that the trout were caught in a bad spot.  Fishermen have been happy, schools of fish are moving about and the food source, generally the minnows, are flourishing.

While some are wondering why the little aerator is not operating on the big lake, it has been removed for 6 or 8 years.  While it was a nice thought, when the power cord failed, research proved that it was not doing anything for that size of lake.  Per the Aeration companies, State Aquatic Biologists and our Hatchery, you would need at least 4, 1 Horse Power aerators on potty pond to make any kind of a difference.  And with no aeration, we didn't have winter kill on Potty pond.  So the 1 HP aerator on the big lake was an expense that wasn't doing any good.  If anything, it was creating a safety issue with open water.  We are looking into clearing snow from the ice if this next winter repeats to allow sunlight to penetrate the ice and provide the needed photosynthesis.  

Fish Patrol
You can fish the annual Fishing Season for free.  All you need to do is volunteer for fish patrol.  You can choose one day a week or be a substitute when our regular patrol are unavailable.  It’s a great way to get outdoors and meet your neighbors and those visiting our community.  What are you waiting for? If you are interested, contact Dick Cope at 687-8931.  Remember, the sooner you get your name in, the easier it will be to pick your day.

Boat Registration
All boats need to be registered for the season.  Please contact Dick Cope at 687-8931 to register yours today.

Rules & Regulations
See the updated rules for Spring Valley.  Clicking on the link below will open it in a new window.  All members are responsible for being familiar with and following these rules.  Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests also follow the rules. 


Ice Fishing
Remember ice fishing is only open when there is a green flag flying on the island.  However, you still need to proceed with caution and at your own risk! Go to the following web site for ice fishing safety tips: