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Did you know that the Olympic training facility used to be on the site of the former Alpine Lakes, just up Omer Road?   Do you have any historical information about the Spring Valley area that you would like to share?  We would be interested in talking to you.  Send an email to info@myspringvalley.org and someone will get back to you right away. Who knows how far back the history of Spring Valley goes?  We do know that Spring Valley was once a resort and that people primarily came here for vacations.  As we can learn more about the past, more will be included here.
Other events that affected Spring Valley in 2002: Hayman Fire - horrible man-made fire that resulted in lost lives, over one-hundred-thousand acres of property damage, and total loss of approximately 130 homes. Started June 8. 

This devastating fire caused the evacuation of our subdivision in the event the winds driving the fire turned south.  Fortunately, the fire did not approach Spring Valley and no property here was damaged nor any one of our residents injured.

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Spring Valley is a residential subdivision 3.5 miles north of the unincorporated settlement of Divide, in Teller County, Colorado, USA.  Teller County is a rural county due west of El Paso County and the city of Colorado Springs.  Divide provides an ideal combination of mountain rural living with easy and continuous access to a large city, military facilities, colleges and universities, fine arts, and a very good airport.  The Spring Valley subdivision was originally platted (drawn up) in some 13 increments during the 1960s and 1970s, with most residential lot parcels about an acre in size. There were originally some 400 parcels, but over the years some have been combined so that today we have 365 parcels, with about 2/3ds of those containing residential structures. 

Within the Spring Valley subdivision, there are two lakes and three ponds.  The two lakes (Burgess Lake and Shadow Lake), as well as two of the ponds are owned by the Spring Valley Property Owners and Recreational Corporation (SVPORC) and are maintained for the use and enjoyment of property owners in good standing of the Corporation.  With one exception (part of Aspen Circle), Spring Valley roads are county roads that are maintained by Teller County.  Snow removal from these county roads are carried out by the county in a swift and efficient manner.  All subdivision roads branch off from a road that forms a wide oval through the subdivision - Spring Valley Drive and Lake Drive. 

The subdivision Corporation is governed by a board of seven directors, each of which are elected to office by the Corporation membership and serve two year terms.  Officers of the Corporation (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) are voted into office by the Board annually. The Corporation has one part-time Administrator who is a paid employee and is not a member of the Board of Directors. 

Corporation members (all property owners in good standing) are assessed a yearly dues assessment so that necessary community expenses are met.  The single largest Corporation expense are the insurance policies that must be maintained, the largest of those being the general liability policy for member use of the Corporation common properties (lakes, ponds, Burgess Lake trail, and pavilion).